Let us introduce ourselves

For half a decade we’ve been building software for our clients, where every project is a different world on it’s own, with incredible challenges that might sound incredible at the beginning (like killing a jabberwocky!) but we always find a way to get it done, and get it done right… We are truly agile at our core in our development process where you, our client, are at the center of our activities.

We have the skills your projects need

Big, complicated projects with tight timelines and lots of stakeholders demand talented teams, who have seen and done it all. We can do amazing things, take the lead and move fast.

Mobile Development

We build and deploy for iOS and Android, native or web based, it all depends on your needs.

Web Development

We write high quality and beautiful code in Ruby, Elixir and PHP.

User Interface Design

Nothing like building a product that requires no explanation on how to use it. That is our mantra.


Your information is a valuable asset. We work hard to be sure that only you can access it.

Cloud Computing

Most of the projects we build are up there in the clouds - but hey, do you know how clouds work? We do, and we make sure they get the job done!


What’s under the hood is what makes a product successful when thousands of users are using it!

How do we work?

We truly believe that small teams work best and our rule of thumb is that it shouldn’t be larger than what two pizzas can feed.

You will be working with us on iterations of 2 weeks, which we will be planning together based on your priorities. This allows us to test ideas fast and create a much better product while keeping an eye on budget.

Jeff Rimmer CEO, BEATGASM Inc.
Really good group of people; one of the first things I noticed about them is how easy-going and nice they are as people. This translates into their approach with your project and makes for a much easier process. I have worked with several firms in the past and honestly one of the biggest elements for a smooth process is working with a team who is fluid and able to adapt to things as they happen - these guys have that ability.
Have a project in mind?

We would love to hear about it.

Tell us about your idea

We’ve worked on a variety of projects that range from the most simple Wordpress site to creating a complex and high availability video streaming platform from scratch, each with a unique problem set and challenges that we love, even if we go to bed with them and wake up in the morning still thinking about it!